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The Faculty of Earth Sciences is considered one of the oldest educational institutes in the fields of geological studies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after merging the Department of Geology from the Faculty of Science at King Abdulaziz University, which was established in 1393 AH (1973 AD), and the Institute of Applied Geology, which was established in 1390 AH (1970 AD) under the name of the Center for Applied Geology, which was affiliated to the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources at the time.

The Faculty's programs have witnessed many developments and was pioneered in offering Master's and Doctoral programs. The faculty has adopted scientific research and have gained a prestigious international stature. The main objective of the Faculty of Earth Sciences is to provide educational opportunities for students in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and various Arab countries to study the basics and applications of earth sciences. The faculty also seeks to contribute to the scientific and civilizational progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to generate new information through research programs, providing technical services to the community, developing scientific studies, and contributing to the development and sustainability of natural resources in line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030.

Faculty of Earth Sciences Goals:

  • Preparing specialized competencies in various fields of earth sciences at the teching levels; technical diploma, bachelor's, master's and doctoral.
  • Preparing and holding training courses aimed at raising the scientific levels of earth science specialists working in various government departments and public bodies.
  • Carrying out academic and applied research with the aim of developing and developing information on the geology of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and developing the Kingdom's mineral and water resources.
  • Developing the awareness of the Saudi citizen about earth sciences and emphasizing the importance of preserving the environment.
  • Providing technical advice regarding the teaching of geology to students of secondary schools and scientific institutes.
  • Presenting the faculty as a unique center for geosciences in the Arab and Islamic world in accordance with the decision of the Rabat Conference on Arab Mineral Resources Sources.
  • Enriching the Arab geological library by authoring and translating scientific references in earth sciences.


Establishment of Departments

Establishment Year
Mineral Resources and Rocks 1970
Hydrogeology 1972
Engineering and Enviromental Geology 1974
Petroleum Geology and Sedimentology 1976
Structural Geology and Remote Sensing 1978
Geophysics 1978
Geoexploration Techniques 2015

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