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About the Museum

The Geological Museum was established at the Faculty of Earth Sciences in 1397 AH (1977 AD) and includes rare samples from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, as well as samples of meteorites that fell in the Empty Quarter, and samples of meteorites from outside the Kingdom. The Museum includes a group of purchased and donated minerals and rocks, in addition to maps showing the areas of mineral presence, and geological maps. for different regions of the Kingdom.

The Museum of the Faculty of Earth Sciences is the interface of history and past days for Earth Sciences in our prestigious university. This Museum includes many rare artifacts of minerals, rocks, maps, and aerial and field photographs. As well as ores of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ores of the world. With the passage of time and years, the Museum became an immortal record of the development of earth sciences and the Kingdom's discoveries of minerals and rocks ores, as well as oil fields. The museum also contains many ancient vertebrates and invertebrates representing different geological eras on the exhibition hall various scientific means of films and scientific tapes, as well as electronic scientific materials.

The Museum of the Faculty of Earth Sciences has been accredited by the Tourism and National Heritage Commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an educational museum and received many guests from Saudi Arabia.

Working Hours

Museum working hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm. It is possible to coordinate with the Curator of the museum for official visits outside working hours.


The Museum is located on the ground floor of the College of Earth Sciences Building, Room No. 15G13.

Booking a Visit to the Museum

Visitors from outside King Abdulaziz University are welcome to book a visit to the Museum during official working hours by clicking on the link and fill in the Form.

Museum Curator

Mr. Ali Y. Humadi

Museum Gallery

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