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Importance of Geological Field Trips

The Faculty of Earth Sciences is one of the applied faculties, where field training is essential and one of the scientific pillars for the faculty’s scientific research. The faculty programs have focused on integrating theoretical studies and practical applications in its various disciplines.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has natural potential for mineral recourses, petroleum, water, and geological sceneries that require students to be trained in these disciplines. Training field trips for certain bachelor's and postgraduate courses are an important basis for graduating competencies with scientific and practical experience contributing to industrial and research advancement in the Kingdom and an important tributary of the objectives of Vision 2030.

One of the Kingdom 2030 visions is "Developing national industry and logistic services", this program aims to transform the kingdom into a powerful and leading industrial country by shedding the light on the importance of industry sector values in the field of mining and energy. Recently, a program was launched and embraced several initiatives, one of particular is the general geological survey, which is one of the most significant initiatives in the country in order to explore mining opportunities in the nation that has an area of more than 600 square km and known as the Arabian Shelf. King Abdulaziz University represented by the Faculty of Earth Sciences,

The Faculty believes that the geological field trips are the core and the spine of the faculty that hold it as one structure. The faculty mission is to qualify students of earth sciences by combining theoretical and applied studies by taking students on field trips for field works to many areas surrounding Jeddah, Riyadh, Mecca, Maddinah, and Alqasim as well as other regions in the kingdom to teach and train students so they will gain experience scientifically and fieldwork.

Core Geological Field Trips Year Around

# Course Field Trips # Purpose Location(s)
1 Physical Geology (EMR 101) One Day General fundamentals of geology, such as weathering, erosion, rock types, and structures. Hada Asham, Barzah, Madrakah
2 Introduction to Structural Geology (ESR 110) One Day Identifying geological structures and Contour maps Wadi Fatemah
3 Sedimentology & Stratigraphy (EPS 111) One Day Identifying Sedimentary rocks and their depositional environments, sedimentary structures, and fossil contents. Hada Asham, Barzah, Madrakah, Wadi Fatemah, Ashumaysi
4 Geological Field (ESR 202) 7 Days Identifying igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks in the field extensively, minerals, fossils, and geological structures. Hada Asham, Barzah, Madrakah, Wadi Fatemah, Ashumaysi
5 Geological Mapping (ESR 203) 5 Days Students are divided into groups and assigned to a supervisor. Each group will learn how to use a geological campus, hammer, and lens, and how to construct a good geological map by hiking for 10s of km through Identifying the different types of rock and structures. Hada Asham, Barzah, Madrakah, Wadi Fatemah, Ashumaysi
٦ Arabian Sheild (EMR 322) One Day Teaching and Training students of the geology of Saudi Arabia in the Arabian shield including folds, faults, structures, rocks, and volcanoes. Hada Asham, Barzah, Madrakah, Wadi Fatemah, Ashumaysi
7 Arabian Shelf (EPS 302) 7 Days Students will learn about the sedimentary cover and the stratigraphy of Saudi Arabia in the Eastern Province, Northwest, and Empty Quarter by visiting the different rock formations. Riyadh, and Alqasim Regions.
8 Specialized Courses in Each Department 1 to 3 Days Depends on each course and program. Depends on each course and program.
9 Specialized Training Courses. 1 to 3 Days Depends on each training program. Depends on each training program.
10 Graduation Projects. 5 to 8 Days Each student going toward the end of his university journey will get a supervisor assigned to him, and a clear idea of the topic and type of the project will be presented. Clear planning for the field trip is also provided. Depends on the graduate program and topic.

Geological Field Trip Photo Gallery

Ablah Field Trip
Ablah Field Trip

Arabian Shelf Field Trip
Ablah Field Trip

Geology Field Trip
Ablah Field Trip

Geological Mapping Field Trip
Ablah Field Trip

Sedimentology & Stratigraphy Field Trip
Ablah Field Trip

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