Faculty of Earth Sciences

Student's Committee - General Activities


Head of the Committee

Dr. Ali bin Muhammed Saeed Subyani 

Vice Dean, Faculty of Earth Sciences

Phone: 52310   B.No:  55    Room No: 266

Student’s Activity at Faculty of Earth Sciences

The faculty of earth sciences takes keen interest in the overall development of the students. Programs at the faculty are designed in such a way that they affect the personality of the student in a very positive manner both academically and personality development. This is achieved by asking the students to participate in social activities, Islamic activities, cultural activities, and artistic activities. Students are given enough exposure to sports through the Deanship of Student Affairs as well.

Objectives of the Student Activities

vGuide Students towards Islamic Obligations
vAssist the student to discover their potential and work to develop and refine their scientific methods
vContribute to the formation of the student's personality
vEnrich the Students with Scientific methods and information
vGive special attention to exceptionally talented students
vGroom students to be sober and to become able leaders to take responsibility and the burdens of life
vDevelop students' skills in the areas of research and collaborative work as well as personal skills and apply it scientifically

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