Faculty of Earth Sciences

Responsibilities & Powers of Administrative Manager


  • Implementing rules and regulations for administrative and financial affairs
  • Oversees the employees of the college falling under administrators, technicians, users and workers 
  • Prepare the data needed to project the faculty's annual budget in coordination with the dean
  • Oversees the insurance needs of the faculty for the equipments and operational tools
  • Propose plans to train all employees in coordination with the Faculty's Vice Dean for Development
  • Oversees the Fund's inventory and warehouses of the faculty
  • Oversees the process of organizing warehouses and ensure the availability of faculty requirements continuously
  • Oversees the college facilities and keep track of the maintenance and cleanliness, security and coordination with the relevant authorities
  • Performs any other work assigned by the Dean or his delegates and implements them
  • Submit annual reports on the status of the administrative and financial affairs of the faculty to the Dean


  • Oversees all employees of the college, except the faculty members and the like, and work on the development and raise their efficiency and identify the functions and powers of each of them
  • Participate in the committee taking interview of job applicants for faculty admiinistrators
  • Complete the necessary measures to provide the faculty with all needed devices from within or outside the university and in accordance with the policy and the financial rulesof the university
  •  Monitors attendance for all employees of the faculty falling under administrators, technicians, users and workers
  • Approves the vacations to the staff of the faculty falling under administrators, technicians, users, workers
  • Nominate faculty staff to attend work-related training courses inside and outside the university subjected to approval by the Dean
  • Review performance of staff members and submit them to the Dean
  • Sing the transfer letters of the staff members to different units
  • Contact the Immigration department to complete travel procedures or residence permits of the staff.
  •  Discuss the overall budget with the Department of Planning and Budget
  • Follow the needs of the college before the start of the fiscal year
  • Prepare and issue decisions on additional lectures and lessons for faculty members subjected to approval from the Dean
  • Prepare periodic reports about the administrative and finanacial aspects of the faculty and submitit to the Dean

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