Faculty of Earth Sciences

Responsibilities & Roles - Vice Dean, Development



 Plan development programs for faculty members, technicians and administrators

 Pursue the development of educational facilities in the college  

 Chairing the Committee on Accreditation and the Academic Planning

  Propose strategic plans

 Oversee the Accreditation program of the faculty

 Coordinate with the British Geological Society for Accreditation process

  Coordinate with the University's Academic Planning Unit

 Follow up with departments in implementing the requirements of Accreditation process

 Coordinates in the completion of scientific departments for the requirement of equipments

 Coordinate with the members of the faculty for preparation of the autobiography if any

 Coordinates in the preparation of strategic plans for college

 Coordinates with the faculty members for development programs implemented in collaboration with the Center for Development of Higher Education

 Works on the development of e-learning within the faculty in collaboration with the Deanship of Distance Education

 Oversee the college library and textbooks center in coordination with the Deanship of Library Affairs

 Heads the committee that oversees the follow-up programs for academic accreditation

 Oversees the electronic management system

 Works in developing of the college's website via electronic link of the university

 Coordinate to develop courses on-line

 Contributes to the process of communication with faculty members and students electronically






The Vice Dean needs to participate in the Univerisyt meetings to which ever committe he is a member of as mentioned below

 Standing Committe for the Development of the University

 Planning and Accreditation Committe of King Abdulaziz University

 Communicates with organizations out of the University for the development process

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