Faculty of Earth Sciences

Responsibilities & Powers of Dean


 Working to achieve the goals and policies of the University and the implementation of regulations for the faculty.

 Executes the decisions of the Faculty Council and other resolutions and directives pertaining to the faculty and issued by the President of the university or Vice Presidents or the University council.

 Oversees the implementation of rules and regulations among employees of the Faculty.

 Develop educational programs through the Departments and boards of the Faculty

 Oversee the preparation of the overall budget and to develop a five-year plan and follow up their implementation

 Oversees the implementation of scientific departments of the set plans and coordination among them and guide Heads of Departments and their follow-up

 Should send annual report to the President of the university regarding Education Affairs, and other aspects of the activity at the faculty

 Oversees the overall five-year plan and monitor its implementation and activities of the Faculty


 Chairing the Faculty Board and implements the decisions of the Rector after being approved by the Rector and follow-up implementation.

 Nominate the members of the editorial board of scientific journal published by the college in preparation for submission to the College Board and the Scientific Council.

 Appoint the Vice Deans and head of the departments of the Faculty to run the college and  supervise their work

 Recommended for appointment or promotion of faculty members based on nominations of Saudis' councils and approval of the Faculty Council and to take the statutory procedures

 Attend meetings of the boards of scientific departments once at least during the school year and has the right chair

 Authorize additional lectures and direct, regardless of benefits within the approved budget

 Issue a decision in accordance with administrative and financial powers granted to him

 Dean can designate part of his powers to vice deans as well as total primary mandate has the right to delegate his powers, not conflicting with the rules and regulations of the university.

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