Faculty of Earth Sciences

Faculty Museum

Under the Vice Dean 

Supervisor of the Unit

Mr. Ali bin Yahya Hamdi 

Phone: 64178  B.No: 55   Room No: 145

The Geological Museum at the Faculty of Earth Sciences is a big scientific attraction spread over an area of more than 400 sq. m. The museum is located at the south end of the ground floor in building 55. The museum contains thousands of samples, slides, maps, photos and models of the rocky fields of the Kingdom. The museum also has a detailed description of the where about of the natural wealth of the Kingdom. It is open for general visits during seminars and conferences held within the KAU

The museum plays an important role in preserving the geological culture and encourages the visitors from both the KAU and outside to visit it.

A dedicated workshop is organized under the management of the museum to distribute the rock samples and metals to various organizations and research students as a service to the community.

The museum is further extended to house a small classroom equipped with teaching aids and display facility to showcase the scientific and educational documentaries to the students and visitors

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