Faculty of Earth Sciences

Research Unit

Research Unit under the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

The Faculty of Earth Sciences at King Abdulaziz University has lead to various scientific impacts in Earth Sciences research and made effective contirbution to various branches of earth sciences within the Kingdom. The Faculty has published almost 500 research articles in the international magazines and publications. Another 80 papers were presented in the secintific conferences across the globe

Objectives of the Research Unit

1. Special Strategies designed to apply them in the research of earth sciences and implement them

2. Implementation of applied scientific research programs for development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3. Directing scientific research to serve the community

4. Assist the private sector in the development of engineering plans and construction sites and the presence of wealth and economic methods to take advantage of its wealth on scientific grounds and to ensure the success of development projects

5. Coordination with government agencies and scientific institutions and research centers in the Kingdom in the field of research and information exchange.

6.  Train the national cadres to serve the nation and in its development plans

7. Enrich the university's scientific research to contribute to the progress of science and technology until at a world class level

8. Participation in a detailed geological study for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

9. Keep up with the rapid scientific developments in the fields of scientific research

10. Provide an opportunity for researchers to benefit from the experience and previous scientific research discoveries

11. Organize seminars and symposia and scientific sessions in the fields of Earth Sciences

12. Coordinate between the departments of the college and university administration or third parties supported the existing research projects

13. Cooperate with other faculties to perform multiple research objectives

Scientific Research Achievements in the Faculty

The Faculty has managed to complete several scientific researches in the field of Earth Sciences and made a significant contribution to the coomunity development. Since it's inception from 1390 to 1420 AH, the Faculty managed to undertake and execute 66 scientific researches of high importance in various branches of Earth Sciences.. The reserach projects that the Faculty has undertaken are categorized as follows

  • Research Supported by the Department of Scientific Research at KAU - 46 Researches
  • Research Supported by King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology - 11 Researches
  • Research supported by third parties outside the University - 5 Researches
  • Research supported by KASCT for graduate students - 4 Researches


Examples of Faculty's contirbution to Kingdom's Research development
  • Geological study of chromite deposits in the kingdom 
  • Study of the spread of radioactive elements in some rocks in the Arabian Shield.
  • Geochemical study of the origins of gold deposits in the Kingdom
  •  Study of environmental isotopes in groundwater in the western part of the Kingdom
  • To study the problems of floods and the high level of water discharges in Jeddah
  • Identify Geomorphological agricultural areas and water in the area northwest of the kingdom
  • Study of of remote sensing techniques in the sources of dimension water recharges in the western region of the kingdom
  • Study and assessment of spring water in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Civil and environmental planning for the city of Taif
  • Civil and environmental planning for the city of Jeddah using remote sensing techniques
  • Participate in seismic monitoring project of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and complete control of the main monitoring station for the Mecca region in Rehab branch of King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah
  • Participate in the project to rebuild the Ain Zubaida
  • Explore the studies of ancient springs in Allaf Valley
  • Assess the risks of sand encroachment in Mecca

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