Faculty of Earth Sciences

Field Trips



Supervisor of Unit

Mr. Khalid bin Abdulla Bakhabz

Phone: 51225    B.No: 55     Room No: 12

Deputy Supervisor

 Mr. Khalid bin Ali Foudah

Phone: 64009    B.No: 55     Room No: 8


Tasks of the Unit

The Faculty organizes field trips for students and its staff members from time to time to achieve the scientific objectives set in the Faculty’s goals and objectives. Since the earth sciences subject involves extensive field excursions, the faculty has a well-planned and sophisticated unit to assist its members during their field trip. The unit takes care of the following general tasks:

1-      Transport the Equipment and instruments to the field

2-      Arrange field trips for the students during their summer break. This task usually includes the following activities: 

a)      Transport Department: The faculty has an excellent fleet of cars and experienced drivers who are well aware of the terrain in the field

 b)      Maintenance Department: This department handles the maintenance of the equipment and repairs of the instruments if any before going to the field. Repair and servicing of the cars is also taken care by this department. 

c)      Infrastructure Management: This department takes care of the carpentry work and the necessary classroom equipment to be taken to the field trips 

d)      Faculty Warehouses:

1. Field trip Warehouse: This warehouse contains all the necessary equipment stored in it that is required by the students and the staff for field trips. The warehouse is updated with necessary tools each year upon demand

2. Auto Parts Warehouse: This ware house deals with the repairs of cars and houses the auto parts of the cars that are used in the field trip. The warehouse was established keeping in mind time saving and economic issues.

3. Technical Equipment Warehouse: Since the faculty has a lot of technical devices, it was necessary for the faculty to establish a dedicated warehouse for their inventory and repair, hence it was decided during the inception of the faculty that a warehouse dedicated to technical devices be established  

                             Few Geological Excursions Round the Year 

1 – Training Students

2 – Graduation Projects

3 – University Research

4 – KASCT Research

5 – Research for supervision of Students

6 – Graduate Students Research

7 – Academic Courses

8 – Civil Sectors Research

Equipment & Field Trip Supplies

Geological Excursions are an essential part of the students of Earth Sciences

and these are some of the important equipment that they use

Hand lens

عدسة للتكبير يدوية


نظام تحديد المواقع

Acid bottle Sheath

Brunton Compass

بوصلة لتحديد الإتجاهات


مقياس الميل


مطرقة جيولوجية

Geo-Rock bag

حقيبة لحمل عينات الصخور


ناظور للتقريب


أزاميل نحت

Hammer Holster

حزام حامل للمطرقة الجيولوجية

Safety Goggles

نظارات لسلامة العينين

Chisels Sheaths


First Aid during the Field Trips


The Faculty has a well equipped medical van which always accompanies the faculty members along with them during their field trip. A certified doctor also is present with them round the clock. The van has all basic medicines and treatments for snake and scoprion bites (God Forbid)


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