Faculty of Earth Sciences

Student Affairs Unit

Unit Established Under the Vice Dean

Unit Coordinator

Mr. Muhammed bin Saeed Hadrami

Phone: 64024   B.No: 55  Room No:  101C

Functions of the Unit

1 - Honoring students at undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees

2 - Organize an introductory meet of new students with college staff to introduce them the importance of student activities carried out by the various committees

3 – Organize a ceremony with the Dean as an introduction

4 - Oversee the activities of college students and their assignment to various Departments of the faculty and the Department of Student Affairs in addition to the various activity committees

5 – Put up the notices and ads delivered by the Dean and the Heads of departments on the notice boards meant for students

6 – Distribution of questionnaires to the students from the departments

7 – Look into the monthly allowances of the Students

8 – Clear the accounts of the final year students

9 – Distribute received mails to the students

10 – Take up the problems of the students within the faculty and solve them

11 – Contact the students with short attendance

12 – Act as a bridge between various Deanships of the University and the students of the Faculty

13 – Create a database of the graduate students

14 – Organize scientific programs and recreational activities for students from time to time

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