History of the Faculty


The Faculty of earth sciences is deemed as the oldest academic foundations in the field of postgraduate studies in applied sciences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Faculty was founded in 1390 AH under the title of the 'Applied Geology Center' as one of the affiliate centers of the Ministry of Petroleum and Minerals. The main goals of this Center was then to train the Saudi geologists and field geologies to search for minerals, through having them qualified with the degrees of higher diploma and master.

In 1392 AH, this training was added to the field of hydrogeology. In 1394 AH, the training was added as well to the field of engineering geology. The center was then made annexed to the KAU under the title of the 'Applied Geology Institute' in 1395 AH.


 In 1398 AH, the Geology Department was annexed to the Faculty of Science at the KAU (founded in 1393 AH) with the Institute, under the title of the 'Faculty of Geology' and now renamed as ‘Faculty of Earth Sciences’.




The programs of the Faculty of Earth Sciences have witnessed several developments. It was then one of the proceeding university faculties in Saudi Arabia in providing the master and doctorate programs.


The Faculty of Earth Sciences is the only Faculty among the Saudi universities, or say at the regional level, to grant the degree of bachelor in applied geology. This degree comes in several fields to compete with up the development the Kingdom has been witnessing recently, and to contribute additionally at having the ambitions of the Saudi community attained in both knowledge and progress, through qualified human resource who are capable of using up the natural resources Allah has deposited into this land.

Departments in the Faculty 

        Dept. of Mineral Resources & Rocks
        Dept. of Hydrogeology
        Dept. of Engineering & Environmental Geology
        Dept. of Petroleum Geology & Sedimentology
        Dept. of Structural Geology & Remote Sensing
Dept. of Geophysics 


                     ISO9001  Accredited                            Geological Society Accredited    


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