Public Relations


Managed by the Vice Dean for Training and Academic Relations

Supervisor of the Unit

Mr. Saeed bin Abdur Rahman Advani

Phone: 64177   B.No: 55   Room No: 105

Public Relations Unit  

Considering the importance of the Public Relations in today’s times, the Faculty has established a Public Relations cell at its building. Since its inception in 1415 AH, the cell has been maintaining the coordination between the faculty and the media groups outside the university along with different organizations. The cell is entrusted with the following duties:

1 – Honoring the Deans and heads of departments after their terms expire

2 – Honoring the contractors, administrative employees and teaching assistants

3 – Honoring Faculty members who have moved to other positions outside or within the university

4 – Develop ties within the faculty members and outside the faculty such as integrate the facilities of Faculty of marine sciences at Jeddah and Rabigh

5 – To arrange the reception of visitors to the college

6 – Make announcements of the special lectures and seminars to be held in the Faculty to other members in the university

7 – To maintain the list of all faculty members along with their phone numbers and designations for information desk to outsiders

8 – Provide all the teaching staff at the beginning of each year with the course details and schedules for the year starting

9 – Design of ads and banners for occasions of the college

10 – Coordinate Public Relations within the university by:

a)     Keeping in view the rules and regulations set by the Public Relations department of the University

b)      Establish communication with PR departments of other faculties in the university.

Media Unit in the Faculty

A – Media coordination within the University

This cell coordinates all the communications that occur within the university like the press releases from the university administration for the employees of the faculty in particular and the university in general

B – Media coordination outside the University

1 – The cell is responsible for coordinating with the scientific activities of the Faculty like publishing of the scientific papers, research news, any scientific sessions being organized with the organizations related to Earth Sciences field outside the university

2 – Follow up of the publishing of the seminars and conferences of the faculty in the newspapers, broadcasting them on television and also getting updates about the research news to be published in various national newspapers

Yearly visit to the Faculty

A – Visits from the Faculty to known destinations

1 – Organize the visit of the faculty members to a pre-decided destination yearly

2 – Organize the visit of students for scientific orientation and to few specialized places of the importance


B – Visit of selected staff members

1 – Visit of few VIP members to the Faculty

2 – Invite the members of the government and private sector with specialization in earth sciences to the faculty

3 – Invite the HR personnel from various organizations to assess the students for jobs and other positions in their organizations

VIP Visits to the Faculty

1 – Guests from various organizations like ministers, General Managers, Deans; both public and private visit the Faculty

2 – Schedule the meeting of guests with the Dean or relevant Vice Dean

3 – The visit usually falls under the following category

A)   Visit to Faculty Museum

15 to 30 mins

B)    Engineering Labs

5 mins

C)    Hydrogeology Labs

5 mins

D)   Remote Sensing Labs

10 mins

E)    Laboratory for estimation of age of Rocks

10 mins

F)     Geophysics Labs

5 mins

4 – Request the guests to write their comments in the guest book

5 – Arrange for the guests a tea session with the faculty members and present a souvenir to them

6 – If the time of the visit is short, then a short video must be shown to him about the faculty


Work related visits

1 – Might take a full day of several days of visit

2 – Also might include VIP visits but in stages

3 – Visit might focus on their specialized areas of the subject

4 – Visit is usually accompanied by the department head

5 - They are shown a short video about the faculty museum

6 – Visitors are encouraged to have longer tea sessions with the faculty members

7 – A final honorary lunch or dinner hosted by the faculty for the visitors


University Delegations

The university delegation usually comprises of the students from the dean of student affairs department both form within and outside the university. The faculty suggests them the following schedule:


1 – Introduction about the Faculty                     2 – Visit the Museum


3 – Video about the Faculty                                   4 – Visit the Labs


5 – Visit Faculty premises                                    6 – Have tea session with staff


School Students

1 – Introduction about the Faculty                     2 – Video about the Faculty


3 – Visit the Museum                                              4 – Have tea with the staff

 5 – Presents are given of sample rocks from the faculty


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