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              Under the Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research                              


Chairman of the Journal

Prof. Abdulla bin Abdulaziz Sabtan

Phone: 52326   B.No: 55  Room No: 229

   The Faculty journal was started udner the name King Abudlaziz University Earth Sciences Journal in the year1430. Total number of research works published so far in the journal has been upto 192

Functions of the Unit

Supervise the research published in the Journal of College and take the necessary steps to be submitted for publication

Menmbers of the editorial board of the Faculty of Earth Sciences


Prof. Abdulla bin Abdulaziz Sabtan


Prof. Ammar bin Abdul Monem


Prof. Talal bin Ali Muhammed Mukhtar


Prof. Mahmood bin Saeed Sabit


Dr. Hamdi Hamid Yousuf


Dr. Adil Zain ul Abideen Bashtah


Journal Issues

Version Date

Version Number

1988 - 1408 H


1409  ـ  1989 H


1410  ـ 1990 H


1411  ـ  1991 H


1412  ـ  1992 H


1413  ـ  1993 H


1414  ـ  1994 H


1415  ـ  1995 H


1416  ـ  1996 H


1419  ـ  1998 H


1420  ـ  1999 H


1421  ـ  2000 H


2001 – 1422 H


1423  ـ2002  H


1425  ـ  2004 H


1426  ـ  2005 H


1427  ـ2006 H


1428   2007 H


1429  ـ - 2008 H


1430  ـ - 2009 H


1430  ـ - 2009 H

Twenty First

1431  ـ -2010 H

Twenty Second

Publication guidelines in the Journal

1. The Publications in the Faculty Journal must be in the field of Earth Sciences and shall be printed under the Scientific Publications Center of the University.

2. Research paper shall be published only after throuogh review by the committe

3. The Research paper published must not have been published else where or submitted for publication at any other source. If the paper is accepted for publication in the Journal, the same must not be submitted for publication again else where.

 Articles Submission

1. The Articles can be submitted either in English or in Arabic. A copy of the article must be presented in a soft copy (CD or Flash memory) and 3 hard copies with the specified indents and margins

2. The Authors are require to submit the footnotes, Abstracts, Tables and Comments in a seperate form and references page

 Written Article Submission Rules

The following rules must be followed while writing an article for the Journal

1. General Points

  • Title of the Article must be concise and expressive
  • Have the name of the Author
  • Abstract not exceeding 200 words
  • Body must be divided into Headings according to research methodology taking into account the sub-headings as well.

2. Each article must have search extracts both in English and Arabic containing most important information

3. Must use the Metric System

4. Appendices: They must be numbered serially. When an author is referred in the artilce for the first time, he is to be referred by his first name followed by his family name. In successive references, short forms can be used as described.

5. References: Must be arranged alphabetically by surname of the Author



1. Must be Serial Numbered in Metric system with a title

2. Each successive table must be coordianted with the heading it is under


1. Must be enclosed seperately in an unfolded page

2. Must be within the specified margins of the paper

3. The text in the form must be comfortably readable on a paper of size 8 x12 c.m. with characters and symbols in thick fonts

4. Images must be printed on a seperate paper of size 13 x 18 cm.

5. Clolour images are accpeted only incase of scientific significance


1. Reviewing Authors have the right to suggest changes within 72 hours of printing

2. No additions or deletions are entertained on specific pages

 Printing Conditions
1. The Author is entitled to get 25 free copies of the Journal

2. If he requires more than 25 copies, he is to pay for the prints before the printing process starts

 Annual Subscription

Inside Saudi Arabia 5 SAR
Outside Saudi Arabia US $ 5

 Sales and Subscription

Write to:
Center for Scientific Publications
King Abdulaziz University
P.O. Box: 80206  Jeddah 21589
Saudi Arabia

 Journal Exchange

Write to:
Deanship of Library Affairs
King Abdulaziz University
P.O. Box: 3711  Jeddah 21481
Saudi Arabia

 Journal Correspondace

Send Materials to:
Faculty of Earth Sciences
King Abdulaziz University
P.O. Box: 80206  Jeddah 21589
Saudi Arabia





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